Louis’ work with wood and glass is the embodiment of his lifelong dream to design and fabricate beautiful objects. Louis particularly admires the ethic of the Arts & Crafts Movement … pride in work and pride in workmanship.

The designs of architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene are a source of constant inspiration. In his designs Louis seeks aesthetic contrast, where his goal is to balance stronger lines and masses with contrasting curves and lighter, more delicate features. His materials have a natural weight, and with them he seeks to design with strength, balance and stability. He generally uses restrained color palettes. He is always aware of textures and depth. Many of his themes are organic and many borrow from nature. In design, when a trade-off is perceived between ease of fabrication and beauty of the end product, the latter usually prevails. Louis prefers to spend extra time in the hope that his work will be treasured by its owners as family heirlooms.

Louis’ formal education and his previous livelihood were in engineering. Since his retirement in 2008, he brings expert skills with glass and wood to his work. Metals are used structurally, and as accents.

Louis works in his home studio in Alton Bay NH. Visitors are enthusiastically welcomed by appointment.

Louis is a proud member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.