About My Work

At Emmet’s Hill, I design and build art objects using combinations of wood and glass and metal.I attempt to achieve several characteristics that I consider hallmarks of my work.

Wholly Handmade – Except for fundamental hardware, like screws, I like to make everything by hand … glass cutting, foiling, soldering, patination and waxing … wood cutting and shaping, sanding, sealing, staining, finishing and polishing … metal cutting, filing, grinding, hammering, tinning, antiquing, polishing … all of these things are done by my hands. It’s a slow process, but good for my heart. As a side note, I also hand make all of my assembly fixtures and forms.

Strength – I strive to give everything I make a solid feel. The nature of my materials tends to have a natural weight, but above that, I like balance and stability. To me, even the most beautiful object loses something if it wobbles.

Aesthetic Contrast – a tricky topic because beauty is so much in the eye of the beholder. My approach, though, is to balance the stronger lines and masses of my work with contrasting curves and lighter, more delicate features.

Color Balance – I tend to prefer more muted colors, and I tend to start choosing colors from monochromatic or closely related palettes. From there, I choose accent colors, sometimes in a complimentary scheme, but always with the goal of adding a sparkle. I also pay close attention to the color and finish of the wooden element to make sure that it enhances, and does not conflict with, the glass composition.

Motion – In some of my designs based on flora, I like to explore ways of making them “move” – as in a group of blossoms that appears to be swaying in a breeze. This is challenging because it requires the correct combination of shapes and pattern with glass colors and glass types. It does not always work out the way I plan, but when it does, it’s a wonderful effect.

Learning and Experimentation – I love to try new things. I love to look at a completed piece, no matter how much I like it, and ask “How can I make this better”? For this reason, I sometimes reuse a design, perhaps with different glass colors. Or I adapt a design to change proportions or layering. I sometimes try different foiling techniques by which varying line widths can be achieved.

Availability – The images on my website substantially depict my body of work. Some of these pieces are sold. Some are committed to galleries. Some are in my inventory. Please always feel free to contact me.

Emmet’s Hill is the embodiment of my lifelong dream to design and fabricate objects of beauty. It is my good fortune to enjoy both the design aspect and the fabrication aspect of my work. Some of my designs are original. And some of my designs are adapted, sometimes heavily, from the creations of others. When this is the case, I provide attribution.

Discussions regarding commissions are welcome.