About Louis Pulzetti

I lived the first sixty years of my life in Northeastern Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley – the home of the once great mill cities of Haverhill, Lawrence and Lowell. Although I was unaware at the time, I think the many hundreds of brick factories, with their angles and ells and masses and corbels and cornices, probably influenced my aesthetic sense.

I have come to particularly admire the designs and the ethic of the Arts & Crafts Movement in general, and have become fascinated with the work of architects Charles and Henry Greene in particular. Their artistry and their choices of materials are a source of endless inspiration for me.

My education and my livelihood were in engineering, but I have enjoyed designing and building beautiful objects since early childhood. Since my retirement in 2008, I bring expert skills with wood, glass and metal to my work in Emmet’s Hill. It’s no coincidence that these three materials form the basis of so much of the Greene brothers’ work.

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